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The costs are dependant on many factors, tank size, location, and complexity of system required for the vehicle to be adapted.

Over the years Autogas 2000 ltd has been able to provide us with comprehensive details of vehicles already converted, and which kit has suited that particular model the best plus the variations of tank sizes that will fit.

A typical midrange example would be a 1994 VW Vento with a donut tank installed in spare wheel well using Tech 97 closed loop system. The cost of this system would be around £1200.00 + VAT

Fuel Savings are in the region of £1,500.00 per annum on every vehicle you run.

The changing cost of fuel
Currently any fleet manager, Local Authority or company switching to a back to base fuel strategy with Autogas can cut fuel costs by up to half. Here we’ve analyzed typical savings on a car and van.

The cost savings achieved by using Autogas can be significant even if the vehicle is not running on Autogas 100% of the time - as illustrated by these tables. The savings are even greater if the vehicles are benefitting from bunkered fuel prices.

Autogas gives slightly less mpg, as the calorific value of the fuel is lower, but the difference in consumption is insignificant compared with the fuel cost savings. Autogas is pilfer proof, so there are no thefts to consider.

Autogas is clearly one of the most economical fuels you can use. But its no longer just an issue of costs, with the government imposing anti-pollution legislation that will penalise polluting vehicles, its also important that your fleet is running as clean as possible.

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